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President's June message


Dear Fellow Members

This is a quick note to update you on what we do and don’t know.

First, I would like to thank all those who are sticking with us and have paid in full, or are paying monthly instalments for, their membership. It is vital to our survival and your continued support is essential. Over 150 members have or are paying. Anybody else who is able to join them will be most welcome and appreciated.

Secondly, and this might be a good time to make sure you have a full glass in your hand to toast this news, today we have paid off much of the family mortgage. The loan that we took out in the 90s to pay for the breeze block extension at the club has been paid off in full. I will certainly raise a glass to this news and hope that you will join me. My thoughts go to my predecessors as President and I thank every one of them for their diligence and perseverance. So, a big shout out to Ralph McNauight, Andy Imrie, Mick Squires, Willie Gibson, Jack McAndrew, Al Cunningham, Johnny Hope, John Clarke, Ray Mountford, Kevin Robertson, John Wright with honourable mentions for Ian Cuthbertson, Willie Millar and Kevin Carter. We have got here through teamwork and it is a great feeling to have finally got this monkey off our back. All that remains is the loan for the more recent new gym addition which extends to 2025.

Thirdly, how are we doing financially? Fair to middling would be an honest answer. The Government Furlough scheme has been hugely important to us and now that they have announced the plans for the second ‘contributory’ part of the Furlough we think we can see our way through to the end of October. It would be a brave person who could predict much beyond then because there are so many ifs, buts and maybes that we would love the answers to.

Lastly, the question everybody wants answered is when will Rugby return? We are in regular contact with the SRU and I suspect next season will not start at its expected time. The SRU are prioritising the professional game (because that is how it generates its income and because they can control their players). Their priority, at the moment, is to persuade the Scottish Government that they can turn BTMurrayfield into a safe environment for both pro teams to start training in. Initially this will mean players only sharing cars with their immediate household, arriving and leaving in their training gear, no showers etc, pathways through BT Murrayfield which avoid contact with anyone else, starting fitness training socially distanced in small groups of 5 or less etc. All the pro players are not allowed to enjoy the recent relaxations that the rest of the population are enjoying so no visit to Mum and Dad’s garden for them. When the Scottish Government says that professional sport can start again at Stage 2- this is what they are referring to, small groups in isolation, socially distanced. When we get to this stage, we will be able to learn from the pro teams experience. However, I think it is going to be a while, or after some major medical breakthrough before we will be able to open the clubhouse to members or the public. We do not have the ability to police the inside of the building to ensure social distancing. We must only do things when we know it is safe.

I hope you and your family, friends and team-mates are all well and safe. Rugby will return!

Lorne Boswell

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